The Arab American community is one of the largest and most successful communities in the United States. Unfortunately, due to negative stereotypes, our achievements and contributions to society are often overlooked. As a result, in an aim to highlight our culture’s contributions and deflect the negative stereotype, Arab American Times was created in order to counter back the misinformation and build bridges of trust and dialogue. Furthermore, AATimes researches and communicates with numerous prominent Arab Americans who serve in the U.S. Government or at Congress and in media, entertainment, sports, style, business and more.



Aya Khanji

Aya Atassi Khanji is a young entrepreneur who has made it her mission to empower and strengthen the Arab American community. Born in Washington DC to Lebanese and Syrian parents, Aya grew up experiencing firsthand the negative stigma surrounding Arabs. Driven by a desire to deflect these stereotypes and promote positive change, she founded Arab American Times, a media outlet dedicated to providing a platform for Arab Americans to highlight their achievements and celebrate their culture. Aya’s passion and dedication to her community has earned her widespread recognition and admiration, and she continues to inspire and empower others to fight against discrimination and embrace their rich heritage with pride.