Courtesy of: Fordham News

Mohammad S. Obaidat

Mohammad S. Obaidat is a Jordanian American academic, computer engineer, computer scientist, and the founding Dean of the College of Computing and Informatics at the University of Sharjah, UAE. 

He was born in 1956 in Irbid, Jordan, has served as the President and Chair of the Board of directors of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, and as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is best known for his contributions to the field of cybersecurity, wireless networks, modeling and simulation, and Data Analytics.

 Before his rise to fame, Mohammad received his Master of Science and PhD in Computer Engineering from Ohio State University. 

Throughout his career, Mohammad has received many awards recognizing his papers. He has also received the Technical Achievement Award for his contributions to Cybersecurity, Wireless Networks, Computer Networks, and Modeling and Simulation. Mohammad is a recipient of a Presidential Service Award, a member of the SCS Hall of Fame, and a Life Fellow of the IEEE.


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