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Yousef Erakat

Yousef Erakat, popularly known as FouseyTube or Fousey, is a Palestinian Actor and American YouTube personality.

Fousey was born on January 22, 1990, in  Fremont, California and is of Palestinian descent. Fousey started his YouTube career in 2011 till 2019 in which Fousey took a break upon returning back in 2021. Due to Fousey’s popularity, Fousey has been nominated for awards in which he won a 5th Streamy Awards and a 6th Streamy Awards.

Alongside his YouTube revival in 2021, Fousey also started his boxing career. Against Slim Albaher, Fousey debuted his boxing career in a fight against Albaher on September 29, 2019. This fight later followed his start up career of promoting boxing via footage promotion. 

Currently, Fousey is still present in his new career of boxing promotion and his overall YouTube career. 


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